Purple Haze 14g Can

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Purple Haze 14g Can

(6 customer reviews)
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$160.00 $120.00

AAAA, Sativa – 60% Leaning
THC Content: 20.6%
CBD Content: Less than 1%
Common Usage: Anxiety, Pain, Depression, Loss of Appetite, and Nausea.

Sold Out!

Purple Haze – This nostalgic sativa staple stays prized because of its high energy cerebral stimulation that awakens creativity and blissful contentment through the day.

Purple Haze is thought to have descended from parent breeds Purple Thai and Haze, who pass on a mixture of earthy and sweet flavors underscored by notes of berry and sharp spice.

After her 8 to 9 week flowering time, Purple Haze buds generally get vibrant colors of lavender which further justify the naming of the breed.

6 reviews for Purple Haze 14g Can

  1. csoutthiphanh (verified owner)

    This Purple Haze has the aroma of berries and a floral yet dank tone.

    Perfectly dried and cured, the pictures are an accurate representation and preview of the quality you will be getting. Colour tones are pretty and bud sizes are nice. As a fellow veteran indulger of mine had put it, “This sh*t quads freal – really good sh*t”

    Great shmoke, nice flavour, straight fire. Would buy again. 5/5

  2. SkooterTheGreat (verified owner)

    I got a 14 can recently and first off, the canned presentation of the product is cool and stands out from some competition, but I’m really on the fence as to whether it’s an actual means to keep product fresh – or more just a convenient way to store product. My order was super-duper dry, and while quite tasty I don’t see any way the can helped beyond a cool presentation. However the smell was still excellent, and this burns and smokes very well. (Looks very deep purple, like the picture) I look forward to trying a few other products to get a real idea on the full scope of what is offered. 4/5 stars only for the few gripes I mentioned. Happy New Year 2019

  3. anonbuyer

    For starters the bag appeal is unreal. These buds are super dense totally frosted out. The high is what you would expect from an Indica dominant, very calming / tranquilizing with a bit of that euphoric / uplifting haze high. Great stuff.

  4. highallthetime7615 (verified owner)

    Amazing daytime high. Super quality buds from Getsupplied. Nothing but the best and you can trust tgat when you order a strain it’s exactly what you get. It even looks like the picture. I used to order from several services and now thus one is all I use. Hands down the best service out tgere currently. Everyone else pales in comparison.

  5. barrydesrosiers (verified owner)

    This strain is just like its name Purple Haze will feel like the color of your sky. Fantastic euphoric. Very beautiful buds and tasted fl-orally to me. Smooth to smoke. Definitively helps with my pain, anxiety, and depression. I would buy again!

  6. Cade (verified owner)

    This is my plug, I order this exact can every other week, the delivery driver is also very punctual and friendly. I don’t get my stuff from any other place.

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